Hi everyone i am edrick and i am a web developer this is my first article here i have been a developer for quite a while now i have always been wanting to make a site to share my knowledge on what i have learnt in the past and what other best way to share something with my fellow programmers around the world then creating a blog. The main aim is to write a article the way i would want to read it if i ever found something online.

I am always very passionate about how the things are created and would like to know how they always worked behind the screen that curiosity led me into learning programming although. after college got my first web development job where i worked mostly on wordpress websites where i dealt in both world of frontend as well as backend. My intrest currently lies in working on frontend development in building scalable responsive websites that may be build with regular html css or Vue JS. I also have some experience in building premium wordpress themes and plugins.

Taking some design inspiration from a theme built for another language i designed this website from scracth I have used Gridsome for building this website as i was getting deep into Vue.js and thought i needed to upgrade from my previous blog design which was based on 11ty. I particularly liked the graphQL layer of gridsome for querying data.