1. Naming style : kebab case
.header-top{ }, 
  1. Using the BEM convention( BLOCK ELEMENT MODIFIER)

Basically means breaking down each part of a website into smaller manageable components the class names are then assigned to the component which then constitutes a Block. It should not contain any tag names or id names and should not have dependency on other components

eg. .header{}; .sutudent-list{}; .card{};

The Element will be anything that will be a smaller part of that component which may not have any standalone meaning and they are semantically tied to its block

eg. .headerwrapper{}; .student-listitem{}; .cardtitle{}; .cardblock

The Modifier classes will be anything that will be used to change the appearance, behaviour or state of a BLOCK or ELEMENT


Note: Components can be nested in one another

	.nav-menu{ //block
	.nav-menu__item{}; //element
	.nav-menu__item--active{}; //modifier
  1. Adding js-* for any classes only used by javascript. No Css classes should be attached to these type of classes
  2. Try to avoid using more than 2 word for naming components.
  3. Using has- or is- prefix for an activated state of a component

    eg. is-activated, is-large