Built Using:

This project was undertaken as part of a course aimed at enhancing my skills as a frontend developer. The course, sourced from Udemy, served as an opportunity to learn and apply various concepts and techniques. 👉Here.

Key Learnings:

Structuring SCSS Code: The course provided insights into organizing SCSS code in a structured manner, enabling better readability, maintainability, and scalability of the project. This approach ensures a more efficient workflow and easier collaboration with other developers.
Compilation of SCSS: I gained knowledge on using tools to compile multiple SCSS files into a single CSS file. This compilation process simplifies the management of styles and optimises the performance of the website by reducing the number of HTTP requests.

Animation with Clip-Path: One of the highlights of the project was learning how to leverage clip-path to create engaging animations. This technique enabled the creation of visually appealing effects, enhancing the overall user experience.

Flexbox for Layout: Utilizing flexbox, I acquired the ability to construct flexible and responsive layouts. This powerful CSS feature allowed for the efficient arrangement of elements and facilitated the creation of dynamic and adaptable designs.

Experience and Challenges:
Building the project from scratch provided an exciting opportunity to apply newfound knowledge and skills. It involved overcoming challenges and learning from mistakes along the way. The project may have taken longer than anticipated due to the learning curve and experimentation.